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    If it’s people my age:


    If it’s an elderly couple:


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    When my friends are leaving for the bar, but I'm stuck doing work all night

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    Ramy Essam has a new song, released yesterday, in solidarity with the Syrian revolution. It’s called Breaking News/خبر عاجل.” I’m personally a huge Ramy Essam fan - I love what he does and this song is wonderful. 

    You, the son of Anisa,* we swore we would never accept a vicious murderer.
    We will offer up our martyrs til our last breath.
    We will not be intimidated by the enmity of a traitor.

    Rough English lyrics are in the subtitles and the Arabic lyrics are in the video description. 

    I’d also recommend this song, which is one of my favorites of his. As well as checking out his YouTube page for a full look at his work.

    *Anisa is Bashar Al-Assad’s mother. Here’s a little primer on who’s who in the Assad family from Wikipedia.

    [YouTube; Download on MediaFire]

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